This is the official website of full time internet entrepreneur Nathaniel Smalley.

He’s been working with business owners, entrepreneurs and international service providers for the last 5 years to build websites, design graphics, run advertising campaigns, publish content on social media sites and setup eCommerce systems for those looking to earn an income from the markets they want to serve.

His self motivation and defined purpose in life is driven by his desire to build a better future for his daughter Emily. The internet provides infinite possibilities and opportunities for people who know how to use it to grow a network of digital brands. I am one of those people and want to help anyone else who wants to be a part of this interconnected economy that will continue to expand as smart home devices and products that are categorized as “internet of things” become more available to the masses.

eCommerce is taking over as the go-to source of solutions for consumers across the globe. In today’s ever changing world where retail is collapsing as a result of Amazons rise to world domination you need to be a forward thinker and realize that local labor markets are under threat of continued down sizing. Automation, robotics and technological advancements will continue to devalue the human worker in favor of higher profits, faster turn around rates and lower overhead.

Get ahead of these changes by investing in online business before it’s too late.