This article is part of a series of articles that will talk about obtaining the results you desire in life.

We live in a distracting world, there are notifications coming at us from every platform we’re a part of. Most of them are not important but if we fail to follow the flow of information we run the risk of missing out on the stuff that actually matters; like this article. It can be hard to tell the difference between real opportunities that will get you closer to your desires and false promises that only benefit the person claiming to help you.

There are seminars disguised as events being promoted on Facebook, videos on YouTube from affiliate marketers with sensational thumbnails that use statements such as “How to make $1000 per day” and business consultants asking for $500-$2000 to give you the information they know.

With all the bogus content online and high price tags for solutions that only move you a few inches closer towards your goals i can understand the skepticism i get from the people i deal with on a daily basis in my career as an online entrepreneur.  Here is the problem with skepticism, it prevents you from listening to the people that are coming at you from a place of genuinely good intentions.

Human connections, authenticity and having a real concern for others is a diminishing factor of life in today’s technology driven society. As it becomes more advanced with increasing levels of automation, the hearts of our fellow men and woman shrink becoming colder with each passing day. Let’s be real here, greed and cynicism is a growing problem in this day and age.

We have become accustomed to thinking critically and questioning the motives of others.

Here are 5 ways to avoid the distractions, deceiving business people and hidden agendas by helping yourself be more effective at achieving your long term goals.

  1. Get rid of the daily noise in your life
    Many of the newsletters in your email inbox are going to be full of information that is not relevant to your current point of focus, this makes them an unnecessary distraction in your life. Unsubscribe from them to reduce the amount of notifications going off on your phone and the clutter in your email that keeps getting worse, those apps on your phone that aren’t being used should be uninstalled as well. Don’t give them the opportunity to show you ads and other promotional materials not relevant to your most important goals.
  2. Remove yourself from negative people and situations
    Got a friend that likes to complain about the problems in his or her life? Reduce the amount of time you’re spending with this person. They’re not looking to help selves or the people around them. They’re looking for someone to babysit them and tell them everything is going to be ok. We all have problems, accept them and learn how to overcome them to get better results in your life.
  3. Learn to control yourself better by gaining a greater sense of self awareness
    Spending countless hours on video games, online communities that don’t teach you meaningful things, tv shows and movies is derailing you from having the life you want. Get organized about the way you spend time and reduce your involvement in activities that favor the desire to consume entertainment over the need to produce value for others.
  4. Be picky about your friends and associates
    This is one of my most important points.  We have the power to control everything within our own lives. Be mindful of the individuals you choose to follow, text and learn from. It is statistically proven that our peers can affect the way we think. Be aware of the influence you get from your peers and put yourself in social groups that are mindful about the information it shares with you.
  5. Listen first, observe others than take action
    Everyone is trying to get what they want in life, it’s only natural. This is where strategy and intelligence comes into play. Observing others, and actively listening to them when they speak is the key to gaining a better understanding of who you’re dealing with and what they’re trying to gain from you. When you listen with an open mind and learn what they have to offer, you get a better awareness of how they can help you move forward in your life. Not everyone is trying to harm you, the hard part is knowing the difference between characters that are truly working with a mutual beneficial interest in mind and those that are only motivated by their own self interest.

Apply these tips in your life and let me know how it worked out for you in the comments below. My articles are meant to help you become more effective at the things you do today, however, i would appreciate your help to make them better.

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